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We offer you the ability to outsource not only distribution and warehousing functions, but also supply chain management and support services - Value-added logistics services that focus on efficiency...

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Value-Added Services

We offer you the ability to outsource not only distribution and warehousing functions,
but also supply chain management and support services - Value-added logistics services that focus on efficiency:



Logistic by AMG is experienced in assembling modules and components into finished goods and helps you to implement a strategy of delay. We can reduce the cost by applying the production standards and then distributing them to the local market in the supply chain system. It will also shorten the inventory time.

Logistic by AMG offers full handling for process re-assembly before production, which includes materials and order management, assemble components, and operating the assembly and packaging of goods. These will significantly increase the supply chain’s efficiency due to the allocation of precise, programmed, and faster product packaging. For more information, contact us.


Co-packing services are about integrating operations with the activities at the distribution center to increase flexibility and streamline existing work processes. This process will save costs, improve production control, and also increase the speed of goods to reach directly to the market. Logistic by AMG offers co-packing services for a wide variety of products, including re-packing or packing of finished goods and promotions. For more information, contact us.


Logistic by AMG offers solutions for goods co-packing, including packaging shapes and materials used for packaging, which uses environmentally friendly materials, is safe, and adjusted to the needs. This solution can reduce costs for the transportation packaging process so that it can help you to minimize expenditure and labor costs. We can also be a provider of packaging services, to your company under the applied terms. For more information, contact us.


Logistic by AMG provides products kitting services, re-assembly, and arrangement of goods into the production process. This service covers goods delivery to components produced promptly to achieve cost efficiency. For more information, contact us.


Returns often require energy and time. Logistic by AMG understands this by providing process returns with a quick and satisfactory result. The reports refund process can be seen that the control is maintained. For more information, contact us.


As a customized requirement, we can process quality control services for enhancing your business process in delivering good products for your end customer. For more information, contact us.


Logistic by AMG has the experience to ensure your products run smoothly to the retail network. Our retail services are suitable for you who need to ensure your goods are in the right market.

  • Repacking

In terms of supporting local product promotion, sometimes you need to repack and modify products tailored to local markets. We have these services including repacking finished goods. For more information, contact us.

  • Labeling

Logistic by AMG has labeling services both on the product or its packaging. These services include current labeling, security labels, RFID tags, price stickers, and other promotional labels. For more information, contact us.

  • Garment Processes

Logistic by AMG also handles fashion service activities so that your fashion products are ready for sale. Our garment services include, packaging, packing, smoothing creases, and hang. For more information, contact us.


Logistic by AMG, we have a responsibility to provide excellent service with good management controls and timely cross-docking services. With experienced people, we are able to combine products from your multiple suppliers to be dispatched immediately to the destination so that there is no inventory placement (zero inventories) in the warehouse storage. For more information, contact us.

Logistics Real Time Report: Inventory, Transaction, Delivery

To enhance our services and control your logistic process, Logistic by AMG provides real-time access to inventory reports; such as in-out transaction reports, shipping reports, and status update reports which can be visualized anytime and anywhere you want. For more information, contact us.


Logistic by AMG provides stevedoring services that are unloaded goods from ships to dock, barge or truck and load the goods on the dock, barge, or truck to board the ship to be arranged in the hold of the ship using a crane or derrick boat ashore. With integrated services at the port, Logistic by AMG provides professional services for the stevedoring services at several major ports in Indonesia. For more information, contact us.


At Logistic by AMG, we engage practitioners with in-depth knowledge of supply chain practices identifying your sophisticated supply chain challenges. We perform a ground survey, data gathering, and detailed calculation to offer you a comprehensive analysis and solution of your supply chain network.

We provide data-driven analysis and network design services to help facilitate cost savings within your supply network. We will assist to visualize your supply chain data and help you identify areas of demand and opportunity. We also can develop custom procurement and distribution models based on your supply chain’s specific geographic parameters. We can help you optimize warehouse and distribution locations to build efficient supply networks around centers of demand.


Logistic by AMG combines knowledge of customs clearance both international and local levels to facilitate the smooth flow of international goods. Because Logistic by AMG understands the importance of the smooth process of customs clearance for your business, we provide a group of experienced customs regulations and customs procedures team, so we can advise you anticipatory actions as early as possible.

Of course, it will certainly assist you to get a smooth customs clearance process so you can save time, maximize cash flow, and tax efficiency. For more information, contact us.


With supply chain technology we have, we can power up existing operations and streamline inventory. Integrating new technology into existing operations can help significantly reduce costs and streamline supply chains as well. This includes conducting existing policies, practices, and people, however, to tap its full power. For more information, contact us.


With our presence network around 18 cities in Indonesia, we ensure your supply chain process will run well with effectiveness and efficiency.