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Your partner for your supply chain challenges into your competitive advantage

Established in 2012, Logistic by AMG, is driven by an Argo Manunggal Group as a Holding group of outstanding experts with decades of multi business experiences (textile, property, poultry, steel, PVC, Mining, Joint Venture). Today, the business has grown to become a conglomerate offering a suite of logistic solutions, which consists of dry storage (warehouse service).

In the end of 2018 we extend our services to become a customized warehouse on a strategic location network service providers and going to e-commerce enabler & fulfillment.

Through the years, the company’s growth was driven by our customers’ unique characteristics and needs. By analyzing and understanding companies of varying sizes and complexities, we are able to expand and develop our competencies to deliver powerful and effective solutions. We continuously learn from our customer's best practices delivering the right solutions to meet our customer's growth objectives. At Logistic by AMG, we focus on reducing your challenges and capitalizing on your strength to focus on what you do best. A strategic partnership is born.

About Logistic by AMG

Logistic by AMG is a warehouse provider that supports multi  industrial property needs in Indonesia focusing on providing well-built office buildings and logistics warehouses in Indonesia.

Currently Logistic by AMG have total a total land bank of 800,000 sqm with Net Leasable Area of 680,000 sqm, Currently Logistic by AMG has ready to use on 12 premium strategic locations & 5 upcoming projects.

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Logistic by AMG warehouse is Expandable to be Standard High performance modern logistic facility specifications and Logistic by AMG existing portfolio consists of customized modern logistics facilities equipped with high-performance specifications typically standard MNC required.